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Our Process

Stage 1 – Introduction
At our first meeting, plan to set aside about two hours for us to get to know you and your expectations and for you to learn about our design-build process and answer any questions you have.

Stage 2 – Design & Customize Your Home
As a design-builder, we manage all aspects of new home construction including adapting an existing floor plan (ours or yours) or starting from scratch to develop a home that suits your unique taste and needs. A deposit is required at this stage for the architectural work.

Stage 3 – Your Perfect Home Site
Whether you already have your future home site picked out or you’re still looking, we’ll help you find the right location, develop the land if necessary, and determine the best placement of your home on the land.

Stage 4 – Purchase Agreement
With the details determined, we’re ready to complete the purchase agreement. In this step we help you arrange financing, prepare paperwork to secure your home site, and obtain a building permit!

Stage 5 – Design
During this stage, you’ll work side-by-side with Kristy to select your favorite cabinetry, countertops, door styles, lighting, flooring, appliances, etc., to create a home you love with features you’ll appreciate for years.

Stage 6 – Construction
As construction gets underway, you’ll watch your home finally take shape. Construction usually takes between 4 and 6 months depending on your home’s size and weather. We’ll meet regularly at the job site during this phase to keep everyone informed on current progress and what to expect next.

Stage 7 – Moving Day
With your home complete and an occupancy permit granted, we’ll complete a detailed walk-through before sitting down at the closing table and giving you the keys to your new home!